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Ultra 400 ultrasonic polishing machine for drawing dies. Intuitive operation and easy to clean. Various polishing sonotrodes. Easy needle change due the sonotrode for prefabricated needles. Ultrasonic machine tool to drill and polish natural and polycristalline diamond drawing dies with drilling diameters from 0.05 to 15 mm;automatic ultrasonic pcd die polishing model sau -150 IN - HOUSE SEMI AUTOMATIC-ULTRASONIC DIE WORKING MACHINE FOR ND & PCD ONLY n Automatic operation the machine .

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PRAGATI PRECISION PRODUCTS NO4 HEBBAKA ROAD N H 4 OORKERE TUMKUR-572106 KARNATAKA INDIA Mob: +91-9242067529, +91-9986932529, +91-7760574654. E mail :[email protected], [email protected] polishing machines for diamond drawing dies. UltraMatic automated die polishing; Ultra 400 polishing machine; Ultra 300 G polishing machine with regrinding; Ultra 150 28-kHz polishing machine for small dies; Solutions tailored to customer requests. Ultra 2000; 28-kHz polishing device; Ultrasonic components. Generators; Ultrasonic .

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Wire drawing dies overview Internal geometry of a die. A drawing die is firstly used to draw a metallic wire to the required diameter. Whichever its use, the internal geometry of the die can always be defined by 5 areas, each one having an essential purpose for the wire drawing process: entrance cone, reduction cone, bearing, back relief and exit cone.Ultrasonic Wire Polishing Machine Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine For more than 20 years Zhejiang Jinping Wire Drawing Die Co., Ltd. has always been dedicated to producing custom made quality wire drawing dies to meet customer specifications, today Jinping Wire Die is the No.

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Wire polishing machines(one head) for polishing bearing of diamond drawing dies. IWD recommends you this wire polishing machines for diamond die making of 1.0-8.0mm. If you have more questions about wire die making, please contact [email protected] or visit our web:a very full range of Natural Diamond Wire Drawing Dies. Natural Diamond Drawing Dies: Natural Diamond Dies is a wire drawing tools for the production of soft wires such as : copper, aluminum wires and hard wires as stainless steel, tungsten, Ti-plated copper, etc.. Hole Sizes: From 0.0004inch to 0.0800inch: Or from 0.0100mm to 2.0000mm

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Wirex Ultrasonic Dies Reconditioning Machine is suitable to profile, enlarge and to mirror polish all Natural Diamond Dies, Synthetic Diamond Dies & PCD Wire Drawing Dies with round bores ranging from 0.05 mm to 8.00 mmDiamond Die Polishing Equipment 1.Semi Automatic Polishing Machine USBNG 250/300 These machines are designed and developed for resizing and repolishing of Polycrystalline, Natural & Mono diamond dies. The machine mainly consists of ultrasonic generator, rotating ultrasonic head, Oscillating die table and built in needle grinder.

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Aug 02, 2014 · LAZERDRILL, PCD Dies, NDD Dies, Laser drill, Die drilling, Laser drilling, Wire drawing die, Wire drawing, Drilling system, Wire die.AUC series of Ultrasonic Cleaners designed to clean Wire Drawing Dies of Natural Diamond, Polycrystalline Diamond, Carbide & other precision parts with adjustable thermostatically heating .

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Oct 04, 2019 · 2) Use: According to the size of the processing die, select the appropriate horn and steel needle, weld the steel needle firmly on the horn with copper, grind out the appropriate angle on the grinding wheel, mount it on the transducer and tighten it with wrench (wrench model: 14-17 / 8-10), place the die on the die base, adjust the cross bracket and the upper and lower bracket of the .The UltraMatic is an automated ultrasonic machining centre for drilling and polishing natural or polycrystalline diamond drawing dies (ND,PCD) Integrated Touch Panel Windows PC control with a large display allows the simple handling and control of the drilling and grinding cycles as well as of the adjustable swivel movement


Ultrasonic grinding and polishing have a great improvement in both production speed and quality. 2. Upm-250xinx magnetic floating ultrasonic grinding machine equipment is used for the re-repair and polishing of diamond and synthetic diamond drawing die from 0.3-8.0 mm. 3. The major improvements in this machine have the following aspects:Apr 13, 2013· Directory of Ultrasonic die polishing machine manufacturers, PCD, Tungsten Carbide Dies, Die Polishing, Wire drawing die polishing machine .. Compax* Diamond Die Blanks needle methods for piercing/shaping die bore may be used Polishing, in PCD structure Do not exceed 700°C in die, EDM or ultrasonic machines with ..

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Yoshiki Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd, provides made to order machine, glove ink marking conveyor, spray system, M&E, PLC Programming, SCADA, pick and place, assembly machine, equipment installation, electrical control panel1) ND : Natural Diamond, 2) PCD : Poly-Crystal Diamond. Quality Assurance : by Cono-Optics Measurement. We also provide the following services : 1) Drawing Dies Repairing (tolerance 1.5 ~ 2.5 micron) or Ultrasonic Re-polishing. 2) Drawing Dies Re-sizing. Application : 1) Drawing of Gold Wire. 2) Drawing of Copper Wire. 3) Drawing of Aluminum .

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Carbide draw dies assembled on steel plates for round, half-round, square, oval or triangular shapes. Also available on rotating ball bearing to draw twisted tube. Diamond draw dies for round holes for a perfect wire calibration, also available with millesimal tolerances. Download the fileDrilling by ultrasonic is ideal for medical and dental industry. It also can be used for rotary cutting unsuitable materials such as ceramics or glass. Ultrasonic Drawing Die Procession Offers the possibility for post processing of diamond drawing dies. Ultrasonic Grinding, Lapping, Drilling, Drawing Die .

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