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Apr 28, 2008 · Diesel generator question: What is the typical fuel consumption rate of a 5kW, 10kW or 20kW unit at various load factors? How much does this vary (in litres per hour, or per day) between .Genie. Actual fuel consumption will vary, depending on duty cycle, ambient conditions, maintenance and other factors. Engine Model Full Load Fuel Consumption High Machine Platform speed (litres/hr) Low speed (litres/hr) High speed (gal/hr) speed (gal/hr) Diesel .

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Consumption: Liters. A25G: 5 gallons per hour or less: 18.9 liters per hour or less: A30G: 5 gallons per hour or less: 18.9 liters per hour or less: A40G: 8 gallons per hour or less: 30.3 liters per hour or less: A45G / FS: 8 gallons per hour or less: 30.3 liters per hour or less : EC220E: 4 gallons per hour or less: 15.1 liters per hour .tions per second), V is engine displacement in liters, η is the efficiency for diesel engines, 54 b 1 equals to 1 × 10 − 4, N 0 is a constant related to engine displacement, 43 . 2 K J/g is .

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Fuel consumption, power-propeller load: Ranges from 9 gallons per hour at 1500 RPM to 31 gallons per hour at 2300 RPM. Recommended Maintenance The Detroit 12V71 Engine will last for a long time with proper maintenance. That is why it is important to only buy high quality replacement parts, to make sure the engine keeps running as it should.Fuel Cost per Hour per Unit: 0.56. Facilities Observation and Optimization. Your fuel consumption can also be affected by your facility's configuration. Layout, racking heights, and forklift routes can all contribute to longer distances and higher fuel consumption. Conduct an audit to determine whether your facility is the cause of high fuel .

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May 04, 2009 · As the title suggests, does anyone know the fuel consumption of the 6.4 motor while at idle as stated in gallons per hour? Need to know for a proposal for some work where we will have .Mar 18, 2012 · What is normal or average fuel consumption for a hard working digger of any size? Pricing a job,I wanted to calculate this for an EX 200-5 ,not having a clock an the bowser,I got the fuel tank size with help from King7Two. Works out in tough conditions she drinks 20L / hour. This is 1L / hour per ton of machine.

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Mar 20, 2009 · tell u we have a 50 gal. tank and usually use around 13-17 gal, per 24 hrs. depending on conditions and product like produce needs continues but typical frozen foods can run on start stop mode extending the length of how much fuel it burns. Silvereagle01, Jan 11, 2009. Silvereagle01, Jan 11, 2009. #6 + Quote Reply.Hardy Diesel has an extensive inventory of new generators, transfer switches, generators ends and generator set accessories from leading manufacturers known for quality, dependability and product support. Chart numbers represent estimated gallons per hour consumed (Gallons/Hour, Gal/Hour).

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Consumption of fuel : C = E*Ckwh (liter) Where E = active electric energy in output of the diesel engine in kWh P = active electric power in output of the diesel engine in kW h = number of hours per day the genset runs d = number of days the power generator runs Ckwh = Consumption of fuel per kWh (usual value is between 0.3 and 0.6 l/kWh) C .You must first convert the Btu content of the fuel per unit to millions of Btu by dividing the fuel's Btu content per unit by 1,000,000. For example: 3,413 Btu/kWh (electricity) divided by 1,000,000 = 0.003413. • Energy cost ( per million Btu) = Cost per unit of fuel ÷ [Fuel energy content (in millions Btu per .

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This chart approximates the fuel consumption of a diesel generator based on the size of the generator and the load at which the generator is operating at.Please note that this table is intended to be used as an estimate of how much fuel a generator uses during operation and is not an exact representation due to various factors that can increase or decrease the amount of fuel consumed.You measure fuel efficiency in pounds of fuel used per horsepower developed per hour. The pros call it "brake-specific fuel consumption." This makes it important to know that gasoline weighs about 6.1 pounds per gallon and diesel fuel 7.2 pounds per gallon.

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Penta Diesel D4-260 hp Fuel Consumption max. 52 Liters per hour - Also US and Imperial Gallons . D1-13 | D1-20 | D1-30 | D2-75 | D3-110 | D3-220 | D4-260 | D4-300 | D6-370 | D6-435 | D9 .Feb 06, 2013 · Go bigger than you think you need, I've got two new hollands, the largest they make and about mid sized one, I like them both, the 1500lb lift machine will use between 1- 1.5 gallons per hour.

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Diesel Propane** Current Price ( / gal L) Fuel Consumption (gal L /hour) Fuel Cost Per Hour of Mowing: Total Hours Mowed per Year Annual hours mowed based on 1000 hours per mower (25 .For example, if 75 gallons of diesel are required to fill the fuel tank after the engine has worked for nine hours, the fuel consumption is 75 divided by 9, or 8.33 gallons per hour. Step 2 Record the fuel consumption .

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