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The valve is to be fixed to the valve lapping machine in o rder to start t he lapping process by the stem of the valve. The dimensions from the collected data of valves are The applied testing procedure verifies if the tested sealing design is equivalent to a bellows solution. The measured leakage rate (after 150,000 full valve cycles) was 8E-8 mbar I/s and is far below the allowable leakage standard of 4.7E-6 mbar l/s. ... < 0.0001% of the CV value due to the self-lapping action of the moving disc and the ...

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Valve Lapping and Grinding Equipment The LarsLap valve lapping system comprises a number of basic models that cover virtually every type of valve, from 1/4" to 52" (8mm - 1300 mm) in diameter. The patented LarsLap technology uses a mechanically driven system whereby the rotating drive head incorporates individually driven grinding wheels to ... Using a valve lapping tool, spin the valve in a back and forth circular motion while applying downward pressure onto the valve. Pull the valve up and look for a complete impression of the Prussian blue all the way around valve seat. If there is a break in the marking on the seat, you will need to re-cut the valve …

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The Kemtech 15 Internal lapping machine is specially designed to accurately lap internal valve faces. This version of the reliable lapping machine will process internal faces up to 300mm (3" to 16") in diameter, producing a flatness of 0.001mm. MODELS: GLM 300, GLM 600, GLM 1200 Gate valve lapping machine is designed for portable uses for repairing gate valve seats In-situ. It helps in repairing leaks in gate valves avoiding long downtimes and production losses.

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gate and plug valves). 3. Rotate a disc or ellipse about a shaft extending across the diameter of an orifice (for example, a butterfly or ball valve). 4. Move a flexible material into the flow passage (for example, diaphragm and pinch valves). Valve stem leakage is usually controlled by properly compressing the packing around the valve stem. through 12 and continue with the lapping procedure using the "P" compound in step 13. Step 15: As part of the final inspection, measure the nozzle seat width with the 7x measuring magnifier according to the valve manufacturer's instructions, if any. SUCCESS STRATEGIES Keep the following in mind when lapping valve discs or nozzle seats:

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Component/Material: Gate Valve & Seat. The gate and seat were both supplied in a ground condition. A work-holder was made so that the gate would rotate within the conditioning ring when lapping. No additional pressure was added to the gate and using the recommended process, a stock removal rate of 0.5µm / minute was achieved. Aug 01, 2017· Lapping Machine for Gate Valves. Lapping Machine for Gate Valves. Skip navigation Sign in. Search. ... Ball Valve Lapping Machine up to 300 mm - Duration: 4:19. EFCO USA Inc. 4,920 views.


Lapping valves doesn't take the place of a valve job, but it does show if the mating surfaces are compatible. Back in the day, this is one of the things that was taught in high school auto shop. Sure, it's old school, but you need to know how to lap valves if you want your engine to operate at peak efficiency. As the valve is maintained the flat seat lapping/grinding process on the hard face will result in widening the valve seat. On gate valve seats, this removal of hard face causes the wedge to drop ...

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Gate Valves ... Lubricate the spindle-threading portion and operate the valve 2/3 times. Procedure for repairs to seat and wedge/plug surface: ... Rectification of seat surface is same as specified in Gate and Globe Valve After lapping disc & seat ring, assemble the hinge/bracket/disc assembly as … C. REPAIR OF GATE VALVES . 1. Valve Disassembly. Have replacement gasket available. Shut off line pressure and remove valve from line. Unwedge the disc. Remove bonnet bolting and carefully lift bonnet assembly with disc from body. 2. Procedure for Lapping Disc. Apply Grade 80 or 120 emery cloth to flat surface. Lay disc face on abrasive and use

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B) The action switching procedure is described in Section 7. 2. Storage A) Do not throw, drop, trip or drag control valves when transporting them. B) Keep all parts of the control valve in a well-ventilated place protected from fire, rain and wind. Store the valve at a temperature between - … Oct 11, 2017· FLUIDCHEM's Portable Valve Lapping Machine with Self Centering Jaw System for Globe & Safety Valve - Duration: 2:46. FLUIDCHEM Valves 1,280 views

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R. Arztmann: Operation and maintenance of different valve types _ 4 2.2 COP® Valve design The COP® valve is a poppet valve of special design. The valve guard, poppets, springs and wear shims are conventional. The valve seat on the other hand is made of two pieces. A seat plate covers the seat body. This plate is a wear part. Mrz-06 / VM1150-1200 Gate Valve Grinding & Lapping Machine Brochure.doc Page 3 of 9 Technical Data Working range DN… min 1.25" 32 mm max 8" 200 mm Submerging depth max 16" 400 mm optional 18" 450 mm Power electric 0.75 HP(0.55 kW) pneumatic 0.75 HP(0.55 kW) Variable Spindle Speed electric 100 … 550 Rev/min pneumatic 100 … 650 Rev/min

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