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"D" mill average balance Poor coal fineness often yields poor distribution of the coal-air mixture, as large coal particles and air mix to form a two-phase mixture that will not homogenize. Good coal fineness creates a homogenous and balanced mixture that behaves more like a gas than a two-phase mixture of air and fuel. 2. Burn with .balancing air and fuel flows across coal pipes, but few actually sample the coal flowing to the burners . mill coal fineness produced and to calculate pulverizer performance. We perform isokinetic coal sampling . biased up. In Figure 7, the fuel distribution was poor and fineness was imbalanced. The blue line in Figure 7 shows fuel fineness .

Measurement of the mass flow distribution of pulverized .

Mass distribution of coal powder at each burner is obtained as a main result of the simulation. 2.1 Size distribution of coal powder In researching the influence of geometrical modifications on the distribution of coal powder at the burners, the Rosin-Rammler size distribution of particles at the entrance of ventilation mill is used.array based pulverized coal flow monitoring system for on-line measurement of fuel particle velocity and fuel mass ration among the fuel pipes of the same mill [11]. Jurjevčič et al used a matrix of rod electrostatic sensors to determine the mass flow distribution in the cross-section of a duct that feeds the

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